I’ve long been interested in the language situation in Nigeria and followed through a link today from the Language Policy List to a blog called Mobilink. The post that caught my eye waws one on Ethnic Minorities, Justice and Languages. Here’s a quote from the article:

Ethnic Minorities, Justice and Languages

I picked up a yellow-covered book recently which happened to contain the rules of the Nigerian civil service and flipped through it casually, promising myself to read the book with greater commitment in the future. To my astonishment under the language examination section, only three local languages stood clearly apart for usage, but it stipulated separately, that any other local language can be used, provided there is a ‘reasonable reason to do so.’ A wind of thoughts possessed me. Why aren’t the Igbo,Yoruba and Hausa languages subjected to such stricture? Why the qualification? What is so special about these three languages? In a country of many languages – this is a travesty and one that must be rectified quickly if sanity, justice, development must prevail. I think it is time that all Nigerians plunge their hands into helping drag Nigeria out of the doldrums.

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