The EduSud portal, created specifically for teachers by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Regional Office in Dakar (better known under its French acronym BREDA), is designed to help teachers discover the world of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and to provide tools, advice, references, educational resources, and other materials, to help integrate technologies into training and teaching contexts. According to the creators, the majority of the resources on EduSud have been selected according to two criteria. Firstly, most resources in the portal are free, (to provide teachers with concrete tools to help them integrate information and communication technology (ICT) into their classroom without having to pay). Secondly, particular attention was given to providing access to resources emanating from southern countries. Along with teachers, the site is also dedicated to providing knowledge on educational technologies in Africa and to assisting policy-makers to formulate policies for the development of national strategies for the implementation of ICT in the education system.

Suggested books

Survey of ICT and Education in Africa ICT Use in Education in Africa Africa Paper : ICT in Zambia Research ICT Africa Report: The World in 2009, ICT Facts and Figures

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