The HIVOS Culture Fund is a great source of funding for African projects that fall within their remit. There are several levels of support available. You need to check out their site and look in detail at the criteria before you apply.

About the Fund

The Hivos Culture Fund, set up in 1995, supports independent artistic initiatives in developing countries that are accessible for a wide audience and have national and international appeal. The Hivos Culture Fund works in such areas as production, exchange, marketing, distribution, and capability increase.

Applicant organisations need to operate in Hivos countries or regions, they should be a secular organisation and a non-governmental organisation (NGO). Country locations funded in 2009 include among others Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

More information and how to apply

Hivos operates a rolling deadline. Check out their website: The Hivos Culture Fund

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Hivos funding is approved for specific activities, programmes or organisations as a whole. Organisational funding is a signal of confidence and trust in the partner, based on quality and fruitful co-operation. Read more about the facts and rules of Hivos funding HERE.

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  2 Responses to “African Grants: Hivos Culture Fund”

  1. I’m sorry to hear ZWNEWS’ funding has come to an end. This is just a blog not HIVOS. You need to make a new application to HIVOS directly. When they funded you they should have given you some indication of the limit of that funding and how you can reapply. From my experience, funding is not usually automatically ongoing. So you need to re-apply from time to time. Some funders are willing to fund start-ups but not ongoing costs. You could also try and apply to different sources for different aspects of your programme, so look at how you could break your funding needs up. For example you may find a funder who is willing to help you with used computers. Running costs are always difficult to find funds for. Check out the Research funding toolkit at Global Development Network. You’ll find the link to the toolkit here.

  2. Hi HIVOS
    You have generously been funding ZW NEWS but, as indicated below, your help has come to an end.
    This ZWNEWS has been of great help to the many Zimbabweans scattered all over the world. Thank you for your past help and any possibility of this carrying on would be most appreciated
    ZWNEWS. I quote from the heading of yesterdays ZWNEWS -
    30 September 2009
    Breaking news direct to your mailbox
    Visit – the world’s leading website on Zimbabwe
    In this issue:
    ZWNEWS does not have the funding to continue operating.
    After this issue, ZWNEWS is closed for the foreseeable future.

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