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This toolkit can be found on the Global Development Network website. It provides tips and practical suggestions for applying for funding and proposal writing. It is based on interviews with experienced research fundraisers.

I hope this will help you in your search for research funding. Please note that a large percentage of research proposals are turned down because they are not tailored to the funder. All funders provide information about how they want a funding proposal to be presented and about what they will and won’t fund. Just sending out a ‘begging letter’ will get little result. Proposal writing needs to be taken seriously and this toolkit should help you.

Go to Proposal Writing and Fundraising Toolkit to access the toolkit online

Contents of the toolkit

This toolkit is divided into six sections. Here is a brief description of each section.

Before you start
This section provides a list of things to consider before you start. Key points are grouped under what you should know about the potential donor and what you should know about yourself and your organization.

Writing the proposal
This section provides a checklist of things to consider when writing a proposal, such as style, structure and clarity. Some useful links on proposal writing are also listed.

Budgeting is a critical element of a proposal, and conveys to the donor whether an organization has the capacity to manage and account for monies in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. This section of our proposal guide outlines points to remember when you come to putting together a budget to justify the funds for which you are applying.

Guide to donors
Most funding requests, estimated at 90 percent, are declined immediately, either because they fall outside a donor’s stated interest areas, or because they are inadequately prepared and do not reflect the organization’s expertise and its ability to carry out the project’s objectives. This section helps you to judge which donor to approach and how best to approach them, starting with general points followed by more detail on individual donors.

Institutional insights
The case studies in this section has been compiled from researchers and institutional bodies in developing and developed countries. They provide useful insights and advice on many aspects of the proposal process, highlighting the reality of fundraising and key issues that should be considered by researchers and institutions alike.

This section provides a guide to networking with donors and funders, highlighting the importance of forging and maintaining relationships.

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