The Conference on the Integration of African Languages and Cultures into Education (Ouagadougou, 20 – 22 January 2010) adopted a policy guide aimed at affirming the vision of multilingual and multicultural education as the general education system in African countries, with a view to the transformation of their societies. They recommended to implement the policy guidelines and to mobilize the regional economic commissions, through the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN), to “develop a strategy for the promotion of cross-border languages”.

According to the guide, the policy of multilingual and multicultural education requires the following: the establishment of policy and legislative frameworks; the development of monitoring and evaluation strategies; general awareness-raising and advocacy and the development of regional networks; institutional strengthening and capacity building; evaluation of learning outcomes and monitoring; curriculum development and training; and research.

The conference, jointly organized by the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) and the Burkina Faso Ministry of Basic Education and Literacy, recognized that the promotion of African languages and cultures is, on one hand, a factor of national social cohesion and of regional and continental integration, and on the other, an essential means of transforming African societies with a view to balanced, sustainable economic and social development.

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