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10 Distance Degree Course Providers for African Students

Guest post by Debbie Owen, Online Doctorate Degree

Distance and online education have paved the way for learning to permeate all over the world, cutting across barriers of distance and development. Perhaps the biggest achievement of online education is that it has provided students from all over the world with equal opportunities when it comes to learning – simply put, you don’t have to live in the most developed nations to take advantage of their education system, as these distance degree providers for African students have proved through their offerings.

  1. University of South Africa: This institution is the most popular and most sought after distance learning university in the continent. It offers quality education through partnerships with institutions in Africa and other countries. Qualifications are internationally accredited and accepted all over the world.
  2. University of London (UK): Based in London, this mega university has been the umbrella under which various institutes in Africa mushroomed. They offer courses that are certified by the University of London, thus paving the way for students to gain access to quality education.
  3. African Virtual University: The AVU is a Pan African Intergovernmental Organization established by a charter signed by the governments of Kenya, Senegal, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and Mauritania. It offers degree, certificate and diploma programs through online and distance education options.
  4. Cambridge International College (UK): Touted as the world’s largest provider of international qualifications, this college offers both diplomas and degrees to students all over the world.
  5. Indian Management Training Institute: One of the premier institutions of India, this college offers diplomas and training programs for students in Africa.
  6. International University of Africa: Based in Sudan, Africa, this university offers a range of courses, from those that help train youngsters in trade to those that teach languages.
  7. Newport University (European Higher Educational Institute): This university offers distance degree courses that cater to the needs of students not just in Africa, but also in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. In Africa, students from South Africa are eligible to apply for admission to various programs.
  8. Business Management Training College of Southern Africa: This college offers online courses, degrees, diplomas and certificates in business management to students all over Africa.
  9. University of the Free State: Also based in South Africa, this university offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees in various disciplines. Some courses (mostly business administration) are available in a distance learning format, others have an attendance requirement of several times a year.
  10. Rhodes University: Situated in Grahamstown, South Africa, this college too offers certain bachelor and certificate programs through distance and online education. Distance degree providers offer courses both directly and through local agents in the respective countries whose responsibilities involve activities from registering students to handling certain classes and programs.


This guest post is contributed by Debbie Owen, she writes on the topic of online doctorate degree. She welcomes your comments at her email id: .

Suggested books

  • , (2004). This volume addresses fundamental questions about the educational process such as: The use of technology in higher education for a holistic educational system for social development; The actual technological capacity in Africa and possibilities for virtual higher education; Cultural relevance of the curriculum and pedagogy; Pedagogy and gender in cyberspace education; Perils of externally-driven distance education programs in Africa and the quest for ownership towards development; Challenges and opportunities in the making of knowledge society in an Asian context; Strategies to promote constructive virtual higher education in Africa and Asia.

  • by Tony Mays et al (South African Institute for Distance Education) August 2010. The book focuses on how teachers can optimize learning through learner centered teaching and provides practical tips on how to use resources to enrich teaching and to establish a school extracurricular program.
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